“The most important thing is the most important thing!”


You’ll never get to it all. I’ll bet every day you make a to-do list, and rarely do you get to all of it.


20% of what you do equals 80% of the value. If you take an average day, and look at how many hours actually delivered your best results, it’s probably 1. 5 hours. 20% of the day delivers 80% of the results. 80% of the day delivers 20% of the results.


When you get to what’s most impactful, and importantly linked to your longer range outcomes, you tend to get more accomplished and commit more energy.

for some enlightening audio, and then take a look below for some insight into “The Daily 6.”

The Daily 6:

Every day make a play! Each day is a chance for you to score a homerun, and it’s the consistent daily action that equates to large leaps. It’s important in getting to your goals and vision, that you plan each day with the most important items first. This is a million dollar habit done before you begin the day. There are several steps.

  1. Identify the 6 most important things to accomplish.
  2. Assign the amount of time you expect to spend on each.
  3. Total it up.
  4. Identify the item you’re most reluctant to do.
  5. Prioritize beginning with the most reluctant task.
  6. Time Activation.

We’ve designed a daily 6 sheet you can print and complete each day. It is recommended that you keep a 12 month notebook, to store these sheets as historical and present memory joggers.

Download The Daily 6 Worksheet:

The Daily 6 Worksheet.pdf

For an in-depth look at The Daily 6 and to see how using it regularly can enhance your productivity, watch this video: