In this episode of the High Level Performance podcast, I’m joined by HLP Coach Dave Knibbe, Ph.D. Dave specializes in individual and team performance acceleration, talent development, and career advancement – and has helped thousands of people magnify their abilities to maximize potential.

This idea of “magnifying” is the main focus of our discussion today. Talent can be developed and sustained with a principled approach to guidance that builds up the strengths we have in ourselves, identifies the strengths of others, and empowers individuals with direct feedback about what they’re doing right.

Magnification happens through honesty, personalized coaching, and leadership that’s willing to bring out the best in each member of a team. We can magnify one another by recognizing greatness and making the conscious choice to embrace growth in ourselves and others.

This topic goes deep, and Dave provides some excellent examples of what magnification looks like in real world applications, as well as the driving ideology behind this highly effective approach. Doing better and being better is a choice, and Dave’s coaching is all about helping people make the essential decisions to make changes and see their own potential.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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About Dave Knibbe

Over the course of 40,000+hrs. of professional practice & business school teaching experience, leaders have sought Dave Knibbe’s` guidance, encouragement and help in solving their most relentless problems:1) developing, retaining and advancing their key leaders; 2) Surpassing customer demands through high performance team “must win” achievements; 3) and leading major organizational changes.