Leading a life of intention and purpose requires knowing where you want to go – and having a plan for getting there. Choosing a specific direction for your personal and professional goals, however, isn’t always a simple task. The priorities of other people, distractions, indecision, and competing values can pull you away from your path… But with the right tools, you can create a compass that will guide you back in the direction of purpose and intention. Purpose matters, however it’s very misunderstood in leadership circles. A purpose is not a thing, it is an orientation of the spirit, listen here.

With the attached worksheet, you can lay out your priorities and associated actions to develop a Three Year Vision Plan that gets you on track to leading “on purpose” in the most important aspects of your life.

This worksheet will clarify variables and prompt critical reflection. Once you have it filled it out, you can use it to help make decisions, as an anchor for remembering what matters most to you, remind you of the tough actions that move you in the right direction (especially those steps that are difficult to take), and prevent you from accidentally drifting into living for the goals of other people.

Think carefully about what you write down, and stick to the plan!

Find the worksheet in the link below, and start developing some real clarity for your Three Year Vision and Plan.


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Until Soon,

Coach JD