The number one State Farm agent in Southern California uses the VIP Coach to finesse his methods and maintain #1 in commission earned on premiums. The number one financial advisor in total volume and assets under management nationwide with Liberty Mutual uses the VIP Coach to develop a total ultimate client experience for his top clients and optimize a service model for the rest. President of an Advanced Planning Service takes delivery of the 31st Fastest Growing company on the INC’s list, 3rd in San Diego by using the VIP Coach program to take his team from five to fifty-five players with several management levels throughout North America within three years. A top manager at Chicago Title within 7 years uses his intrepreneurship and strategic vision to double revenues in a down economy and take over Ventura and Los Angeles counties under his management and leadership tour to force!

Today, the VIP Coach supports 45 one on one business owners, high commission sales pros and decision-making executives with over 12,000 hours since 1998. Would you like to be considered for a seat in the VIP Coach Player lineup? Have you been in business over five years? Are you earning North of $100k? Are you a distinguished professional seeking teamwork and collaboration to make a huge jump in your career?

“I’ve been a coaching client of the author for over 7 years….. I’ve not only learned how to focus my skills so that I can always be at my best, but have brought balance, harmony and greater wealth into my life. My clients see it, my family sees it and, most of all, I see it. The road to endless wealth is clear and I now operate from the mind set of total confidence rather than fear. Thanks JD.”

A. O’Mara, The Professional Image, Inc.

Founded 1997, Mexico City

“JD, when you help me choreograph my business and life arenas, I realize how much a wingman matters in creating my future, you are a skilful prodder and secret weapon—you are my “POCKET VP!” It’s obvious you’ve had 12,000 hours at this. You’ve always got my back with your no nonsense feedback that helps me see the playing field objectively. Your finesse is indispensable to any entrepreneur needing a professional coach, especially someone like me in their business over 15 years, who appreciates teamwork and collaboration. I asked you what the heck am I going to do when I grow up, well, I’m on purpose now thanks to your skilful prodding and professional nagging as my outside jerk!”

C. Corral, President Relax Inc. Int’l

Since 1983, Los Angeles

“JD at first when you said you didn’t want to see me in our interactions, my traditional concept of therapy was challenged, but working with you on our coaching calls has become so convenient, and the web sharing system is a completely better mode of interaction that is suitable to my pace and rhythm, thank you! Our weekly call is my personal management meeting to see where I am, where I’m going and make the timely changes to keep on keeping on. I’ve studied martial arts for years since I was 35 and my coaching is the same for me—getting a blackbelt in business and life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. And I control the ROI, not the coach! I always tell referrals to the VIP Coach two things that make you the obvious choice if they’re serious—Marie and Barbara are awesome-the assistant coaches who handle the calls. Most coaches are small home businesses with no field tested experience or support staff, and two, you get to work with an author with three books and a proven body of technique, not a certified life coach whose never fired himself from a job and owned a business. The VIP Coach is as serious as I am!”

D. Bond, Founder of Management, Inc.

Since 1994, Boulder Colorado

“I’m a bullet point kind of guy and keep things simple, lean, and swift in the way I run my company. I have the perfect marriage with the VIP Coach because I get to follow instructions much like a kindergartner would. The concepts, strategies, and tactics are made simple like an A La Carte menu and the 5 step implementation system makes putting this material to profit use in a snap with immediate results. Thank you for being as simple as you promise in your deliverables! Our sessions are the only place among my life where I can put everything together so everything works.”

C. Lembeck, Founder Pinecrest Financial Venture, Inc.

Founded 1992, Calgary

“I wanted the VIP Coach when a financial services friend told me about his five years working with Coach JD. I was insistent on implementing the referral system JD designed and delivers “the Sharpshooter” as well as “TOPSCAN” his world class hiring system, but he saw that I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t implement anything new. I put my trust in the coach and I’m so glad I did because all the support systems, relationships, and structures I have now has freed me up in year one, and now in year two I’m able to implement all the management and marketing systems I want. Now I understand why complexity is the number one challenge to growth, and appreciate how the VIP Coach is geared to free me up first, to get to what matters most next. I thought tripling my fun and free time was just for someone exceptional, but today I’m one of those people who can honestly say I do what I love, make exceptional income doing it, and live the life I’m loving with 140 days last year completely free! And I’m retiring from retiring if I continue my career this way, and depend on coaching for my future success. I wonder what it’ll be like 14 years from now with coach JD? I can just imagine where I’ll be then with him as my wingman!”

A. Chapman, Forrester Finance Int’l

Irvine, California

“At the start of the first series, I was not sure what to expect but I want to tell you how exhilarating it has been to work with you! This experience has been extremely educational. It has ignited my passion over and over again for my business.”

Linda Millaire, CEO, Cruise Holidays