• The Whole Life Planning Workbook: A whole life planning guide for entrepreneurs and business leaders ready to pull it all together, from business planning to life, in a balanced way.
  • Safe To Tell the Truth: For leaders to complete in the global economy they’re confronted with their dependency on high quality information from their teams. When teams suppress timely and important data, key decisions are missed and organizations risk big mistakes. In this 10 page fast-action e-book you the leader will be able to build the capacity in your communication that create an atmosphere of safety in your organization so you know your opportunities and threats at your fingertips, instead of the blind leading the blind.
  • Creative freedom, taking aim within one’s gifts is survival in the global economy. Calling upon entrepreneurs to create unique client universes that they enjoy living in, entrepreneurs can creatively act in conjuction with the natural way of the emerging future they want to create to realize their best self, a life they love, and their true work.
  • Building a business today as much as it sounds glorious and full of perks, it’s not all it may seem. Today’s entrepreneur is competing in a growing global economy, faced with a high demand for creative thinking that isn’t accessible due to keeping up will all the demands and $10 an hour work on building a small business. This book presents a roadmap of strategies, perspectives, and tools to liberate your creative freedom as an entrepreneur in the Conceptual Age, create extraordinary experiences for other people who can reward you highly for it, and build a business that serves your life, not consume it, as you emancipate your most unique abilities that lend themselves toward your aims.
  • Audio Book Description: 13 Audio Chapters and 80 Page Workbook to implement the best periodic thinking and priority management method for losing procrastination, improving execution when ideas are drowning you, and enjoying a quality of life growing your business at once.
  • Audio Book Description: Five Powerful Audio Downloads, over 2 hours of audio that teach you how to implement a time system for generating lasting energy, focus, and rest. Today’s entrepreneurs know how to balance their downtime with peak performance. Learn a breakthrough time technology that will change your productivity and give you access to life after money.
  • Print Book Description: “It’s time for a fundamental shift in how we become higher quality human beings, useful to others and the Earth itself,” says the author. We live in the Conceptual Age today, where financial success and wealth creation comes from right brain creativity, not left brain tasks. Yet innovation isn’t a priority in our most powerful institutions. Consequently, today’s entrepreneurs are finding it harder to make the competition disappear, do what they love most, deliver a significant impact, and enjoy the rewards. The Unstoppable You is a way of thinking and operating that makes you the most useful human being you can be, by directing your attention from implicit personal gifts and practical wisdom to bring something to the world that no one else can, all within a deeper sense of purpose.
  • E-Book Description: In this 17 page workbook, you’ll draw forth from your past and present, and future the activities that bring you into tuning your personal gift. If you’ve been wanting to monetize your passion, you’ll learn the mechanics of the Forte Strategy, the Strength Vortex to cradle it, so that the world sees the opportunity of your true you, and pays you for something only you have in you, to bring to the world, and add value.
  • E-Book Description: This 13 page workbook brings you into piercing clarity on your life purpose, and your life’s work. Many individuals feel they’re not doing impactful work with their businesses and their lives, they want more meaning. The questions for reflection in this book guide you to come into the beginnings of acting from your essential self and authentic power. If you’re ready to shuck the impressive lifestyle that’s trapping your creativity, and wanting to create a fulfilling life, this is the point of entry to bridge you into your best life.

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