The VIP Coach is about Liberating Leaders and Saving Geniuses via Three Optional Formats

Four Zones of Mastery

Four zones

Zone 1 (Self) Personal Performance using the creative process to achieve creative freedom.
Tune ups: Focus, priority management, efficiency, boundaries, delegation, balance

Zone 2 (Earning) Enterprise Growth to achieve financial freedom.
Tune ups: Earning power, effective teamwork, organization, and leadership.

Zone 3 (Being) Whole Life Integration to realize operate from a sense of deep purpose, with greater involvement and enjoyment.
Tune ups: Free time, health, Enjoyment of Life, Personal Fulfillment, Conscious living

Zone 4 (Relating) Social Development to create greater value, enjoyment and involvement with others.
Tune ups: Emotional intelligence, Relational intimacy, Listening and Communication

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Our End Goal – The Total Success Experience

The Finish Line is the Prosperity Zone™

The apex of all this is a combination of personal and wealth mastery, that when integrated gives rise to “THE PROSPERITY ZONE™” where spirituality and commerce can coexist for a better world. The summit of the climb to the prosperity zone is “inTen.”

When clients integrate enjoyment and involvement with life and those around them they mine each experience as a powerful seed to their life building process. We call the infusion of these two qualities inTen™. Look at the illustration to the left, notice the roots and branches are symbolic to the roots of soulful self expression, and the flourishing of a healthy tree that is growing and evolving. The more you become yourself, the greater market value you open up.

With inTen™, the character of business leaders improves with well balanced intelligence, and so too does everyone around them gain from their quality in action and comprehension, because it is business leaders who change organizations and people, and in turn they change societies who makeup entire populations.


1  Dramatic increase in clarity and confidence about a bigger future than the past.

2  Significantly greater capacity to be present, with access to greater enjoyment and involvement in all aspects of life.

3  Sense of simplification and freedom to reflect, plan for the future, and bring about significant change that matters.

4  Multiplication of earning power and wealth creation from improving personal focus, relationship effectiveness, maximizing business opportunities, and fierce preparation and execution.

5  Significant sense of purpose and right livelihood in living on purpose in all aspects.