People often talk about working smarter, not harder… But what does that even mean?

The need to work somehow “better” commonly comes from a place of fatigue, a desperate attempt to solve a problem that has yet to be recognized. Working smarter may be what is needed, but if it comes from a place of desperation and exhaustion, we are asking the wrong questions. Is there a better way to do this?

It’s an energy crisis. Hard work does indeed lead to some success. Success then brings upgrades. You put your kids in the best schools, you live in an expensive house, you do things that are expected by others and build yourself a trap. We try to impress people or put on a show, and these values make us overspend… And that makes us feel the need to work harder and earn more.

Time, however, is not money. You don’t get paid for the time, you get paid for the value. And so, we need to be focusing on being valuable, not only because it’s good for business, but because it’s good for the soul.

Too many of us focus on spending as much time as possible on the things we think we need to do, instead being intentional about the things we do best – the things that create the most value in our own hearts, and for the world around us.

All of this creates constant movement, reacting to small things, working away because we’re “getting things done” – but we’re doing it without perspective. You start to slip, moving away from what gives you energy and taking actions that instill dread and exhaustion.

Give yourself permission to stop doing things that aren’t truly serving your purpose. Busyness is a form of protection. You stay busy so you don’t have to face the real questions.

Increase your simplicity so you can multiply your growth. Focus creates simplicity because you know what’s more important, and where to place (and create) your energy.

In the link below, I go into detail about how to set and manage goals, break them into manageable lenses to look through, and how to respect your own time so others do as well. We’ll look at WHY being organized and focused is important, and how discovering your purpose – and determining what you want to create – is empowering and energizing.

All of this gives you a fighting chance to be intentional.

I’d also like to share this with you, a fun video of my dad dancing in the woods to a song titled “Slow Down.” This video production made by my brother Chris and my sister Ashleigh is some of what I’m talking about – how we all need to slow down, reflect and decide what is going to give us power and energy, which includes embracing our desire to dance and create and have FUN! Life is context in motion, we live in a river of flux in the unfoldment of a life unlived. Being present is essential to participate in this natural pattern of learning from the emerging future instead of the past. Two simple words: Show Up!

Lastly, a piece from my Sessions at Sunrise collection about the times we are living in, and how we can move forward through difficulty with love, patience, slowness, and making space to see what is, and decide how to be with that truth. When we truly pay attention to ourselves and the world around us, our hearts will lead us to an undeniable feeling of connectedness. When our cynicism is offline, we feel what we see, and surrender to our kindness, compassion, and generosity to serve. We turn to the goodness in us ready to expand in ways that create value for other human beings, just for the joy of it. Just before you get your day going, take 15 minutes of intentional silence and deep slow breathes to align your attention to “What am I in service to?” “What is standing in need of me right now?” “How does this need connect with my future path and my best work?” Let silence speak, then move, start dancing with change. It isn’t about what you make successful, it’s about what matters most to you, and doing for it for its own sake. Let go, let come. This is leading from a hopeful heart: