Please enjoy this youtube channel I’ve created for you called “This Splendid Place.

You’ll find my Sessions and Sunrise podcasts and more there.

This project is near and dear to my heart, and is both an outlet for exploring my deepest reflections, and incorporate the poetry work that I’ve put into two books inspired by my three children.

The pulse across the channel is to inspire and inform. To help chronicle my 30 year journey of open-heartedness, and open doors for you to reflect during the early morning hours on the life that is here.

Some of these podcasts are simply my morning thoughts and experiences I’ve had – such as Integrity here:

…And yet others are simple moments in my life that can be used as metaphor for larger concepts – such as Chocolate Eggs here:

These reflections, stories, and poems echo my body of work, from my own life and my coaching with great business leaders spanning a twenty one year career and going onward, reaching for places in their heart and mind that bring forth their “A” Game.

I share these intimate teachings with you to open new ways of thinking, strengthen your mind, and open doorways to new possibilities, through the realization of your living.