Today, I want to share an episode of the HLP Podcast with you and shine a spotlight on the episode’s guest, Emanuel Rose. Emanuel, who has a background in marketing, is the author of the Wenaha Henry series of children’s books. These excellent stories focus on the beauty of nature, the importance of family, and developing emotional intelligence. The books even come with a packet of Douglas Fir seeds! We’ve developed an excellent, ongoing relationship, and I’m proud to help him along his journey as an author.

He’s a coaching client, and we share a belief that great leaders have coaches to help them grow, gain perspective, and see opportunities…

We both see the power of support systems, and this thriving partnership has been a transformative gateway for Emanuel’s creative process. Here’s what Emanuel has to say about working together: “I have worked with John Davidson for about 18 months, and he has been such an important part of my life during that time by leading me into a more creative mindset and introducing me to thought leaders like Robert Fritz, Twyla Tharpe, Robert Jaworski, and Michael Mead. JD has taught me to establish powerful daily practices around my meditation time, managing my work priorities, exercising, and writing.

During my time working with JD, he has helped me to orient my team in ways that maximize both my freedom and my capacity to be creative. By regularly addressing both the big picture and spiritual aspects of who I am as a person, and what that person has to give, I have been able to free up the time and energy to write and be creative in my writing.

The outgrowth of all this progress has been three very different writing projects. One is a business book focused on marketing to Generation Z (which is part of my profession as a marketer).

The second project is a book of poetry about the wild places that I have experienced over the last couple of years.

The third project is a children’s book series with one of the grandkids as the primary character. I’ve written seven of the books in this series, and I had this latest volume professionally illustrated and self-published. This process has been very emotional and enriching at the same time, and I am now working on promoting it as something that families will share and enjoy together.

The story revolves around a young red tail hawk who, because of a forest fire, is encouraged to plant Douglas Fir trees. The book comes not only with the story and the rich illustration, but also with a packet of Douglas Fir seeds so the family can grow their own tree from seeds. To learn more about this book, .

The outgrowth of my work with JD has produced something that has been expansive for me as a person, positive for my profession, and meaningful to my family.”

In the podcast episode linked below, you can listen to my conversation with Emanuel, where we talk about his inspiration for Wenaha Henry, how nature and disconnecting from technology are key to his creative process, and the importance of clearing space in the mind for answers to arrive.

We get inside his writing process and daily habit of creating, how he gets important feedback from his 4-year-old grandson (the namesake of the book series), and talk about the universal message of harmony and respect for nature that make his books appealing to kids and adults alike.

Enjoy the episode!