Mistakes are inevitable. Pursuing a life of meaning and development involves risks and moving beyond your comfort zone, and that means that sometimes things won’t go right. Mistakes and errors are a part of life, but our response to them makes all the difference.

In this audio presentation, I’m exploring what it means to listen – to others, to yourself, to what the world around you is saying. Listening and learning are one in the same, so when you want to learn from a mistake, you must listen to what the mistake is telling you. Listen to the causes, the consequences, and the way you’re feeling…

Then kind of listening – to yourself and those around you – requires honesty and mindfulness, and leads to the choice to take action. Without intentional action to resolve and learn from mistakes, those negative experiences can’t serve your future.
For an even deeper dive into action-taking and growth, the book linked below is focused on the systems and planning that will allow you to make mindful, intentionally beneficial choices day after day. After all, systems yield consistency, and consistency yields results.

Mistakes are only bumps in the road, and when you truly listen to their causes, transform them into learning opportunities, and develop systems to overcome them, you become unstoppable!

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