I Smell Human Potential


As you stand in front of the mirror chanting how filthy rich you are, pretending that something is that isn’t yet, your subconscious mind is losing respect for you by the second. Do you underestimate how powerful it is? “Please just be honest with me, and tell me the truth,” it begs. But your positive thinking is positive lying. I ask you, “Who, but a person that is poor, would need to convince themselves that it is so rich beyond belief?” Again, you make your affirmations stubbornly, insisting it IS true. “But if you told me the truth, I’d become resourceful beyond your lies,” the subconscious mind replies.


So, you stop. You want to be financially independent. Instead, what you have today is no knowledge of how money works. Your family taught you nothing about money, and you overspend on superfluous non-essentials beyond your means, buying what you don’t need and impressing people that you don’t even like. “Whooaaaa, atta boy,” says the subconscious, “Thanks for telling me what you have now compared to what you want, I’ll get to work, boss!” You fall into sleep, but the mind is up to something¾where to change; what to change. In fact, it loves that you’ve given it bigger business to attend to, game on! Without having good instructions for the mind to work on, you’d be like a lost dog with nothing better to do than poop all over the house, and chase trucks.


THE MESSAGE: Tell yourself the truth. Positive thinking is positive lying. When you attempt to change a bad belief, you beget the belief itself by attempting to change it. Human potential people must not be aware of these structural dynamics. Maybe that’s why 80% of followers in the self-help industry fail, and only some get traction. Self-improvement makes lousy creators, because they’re too busy fixing their quirks instead of mastering the creative process; one that anyone can master, even if you’re in a bad mood, think badly, and are lazy-prone.


Get interested in something other than yourself, and watch what happens! Telling the truth will help you see what’s working and not working. So you learn, become resourceful, and adjust through trial and error until your capacity building brings your creations you desire into the world as you envisioned them. Act, and act instantly. You learn by doing. You lay the path down as you walk on it. You’re not predicting a future; you’re creating one as it is emerging. Ready, aim, fire, and listen!