Dear High Level Performer,

What are the standards of high level performance? What does it mean to be a person who performs at the highest level, with actions aligned with purpose and decisions made with focused intent?

As we seek to become the best versions of ourselves, living lives of creation and intention, so much of it comes down to how we spend our time each day – and not just how we spend that time, but how we commit to being the architects of our days, and thereby, our lives.

Every day consists of four phases:

  1. AM ritual (morning routine)
  2. During the day activities
  3. Closing the day activities
  4. PM ritual (bedtime routine)

And in each of these phases of the day, we often act in one of 4 distinct ways:

  1. Reactive – dealing with things as they come at us, whether that’s meetings, email, calls, emergencies, or anything else, without a plan or boundaries in place
  2. To-do list – chipping away at tasks large and small, ticking boxes and filing things away that matter in the short-term, but aren’t necessarily aligned with your big picture goals or overarching purpose
  3. Strategic – taking action in meaningful ways that affect the larger context of your life, regardless of how large or small the actual tasks may be
  4. Unplanned and free – allowing for serendipity to come into your life, and having the flexibility to pivot as needed if something truly interesting or engaging falls into your lap

Throughout each day, you may encounter a combination of all of these states of being, but it’s clear that some are more “productive” than others. The main trap we want to avoid is being reactive. When you approach each day with a reactionary mindset, then the day controls you – not the other way around. Distractions, requests from your staff, email, social media… All of that will distract you and pull you away from the big picture strategic thinking, the practice to-do list actions, and the life giving beauty of your free time.

So, with all of these things in mind, the way to make the most of each day and live a life of top level performance is through a diligent approach to your daily routine.

In the accompanying audio, I talk through some of the important parts of my daily routine, including morning meditation, setting aside specific times to check email or return phone calls, and method of winding down with reflection and setting up the following day for success.

Among my daily rituals is an important concept I call “The Big Six” – identifying the six most important things you have to do that day, assessing how they will fit into the time you have each day, and knowing what to do when those important things won’t fit.

Empowered by this principle, as well as a commitment to the routines that are going to energize your mind, we can all take control of the day – instead of letting it control us. Doing so allows us to focus our efforts on the things we really want to be doing – the creations we want to bring into the world.

The whole purpose of taking control of the day (and all efforts toward self improvement) is to gain the focus, energy, and mental fortitude to bring your creations into reality and make your unique contribution to the world.

Give the audio a listen for more specifics about how I spend my mornings (starting at 4am), how I deal with potential distractions from staff and incoming requests, my philosophy on how you should spend your evenings after work, and the four key questions you should ask yourself about every activity you engage in.

Thanks so much for listening, and let’s work together to make the most of every day – and with it, achieve the habits that create truly top level performance!

Until Soon,

Coach JD