I’d like you to take a look at this poem that I wrote, and think deeply about what it means:

Do it Anyway (A Trust Poem)

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

7:25 AM

I just kept going and he was there

I made babies and didn’t know how to parent them

And he was there

I parented and showed up

I helped people and gave up the future and he was there

Everything grew and grew and eventually everything came about

And he was there again

I asked for help and he was there

All I had to do was stay true to my heart and follow it through

Feed others serve others and give all you are he told me

All he said was just keep going with this basis of being there

You walk on my wings he told me

Tomorrow you will awaken

Keep trusting me and I will feed you and nurture you

Do not forsake me

Just do it anyway

Everything is going to be ok he said

I will give you what the future needs right this moment

Don’t question it, just participate

Just keep going

Do it anyway

With faith nothing is left out he said

And right now he is beneath my next step

The ground is there wherever I step

I am meant to be good and serve

And to this I rest my fear

I rest my attention on the present

And let all that emerges flow through me

With soft hands I come forth

Leaning into the change

Doing it anyway

What do you know about Fear?

Fear has a way of controlling us. Sometimes it’s valid – there are things that pose danger to our actual safety – but in so many cases, we’re feeding our worry and pulling back from trust: trust in ourselves, trust in the universe, trust that everything’s going to be okay.

Fear is a thief, a burglar of our potential and ability to create and grow with confidence and love.

We have the natural instinct to avoid humiliation, to avoid failure, to avoid pain, and while this comes from a place of great care, acting from fear is ultimately a choice. This kind of fear creates urgency, but it’s the wrong kind. We want to pull back and expend energy avoiding trouble – but instead, we can feed something else entirely.

We can instead keep faith in the uncertainty that life offers, and trust that if we move forward with an open heart and mind, creating the things we care about without trying to predict the outcomes, that we will be moving according to authenticity.

I’ve never regretted giving value for the pure joy of it.

How did I learn to control my Fear?

Creating a business without knowing how to do it, I learned by doing. Becoming a parent with no idea how to raise children, I learned by doing. Fear tells us we can’t do things that come with uncertainty, but trust and love tell us the opposite. We can choose how to move through this life, and I choose to do it anyway.

I can trust, to some degree, that acting in accordance with my authenticity and through following my heart, that things will ultimately work out… But more importantly is the acceptance and acknowledgement of uncertainty. The confidence that comes with that acceptance is born of true honesty.

You will come to know the path by walking the path. If you trust that what you’re doing is good, authentic, and from your heart, you can harness your convictions and choose to act in the face of the fear we all face. Through faith in yourself and the universe, and the honesty to embrace uncertainty, you can keep going. When you feel that tug of fear, choose how you want to think and be, and do it anyway.


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