As we enter the New Year, I’m with a grateful heart to be your coach! This year will by year “21” in my career, and I’m more inspired, engaged, involved, and hungry than ever to see you create all you’ve dreamed and more this year and for a lifetime of best of the best experiences and aspirations.

As a thank you gift, your inspiration brought forth a beautiful reflection: “WHO I CHOOSE TO BE”

Please click below to listen:


It is an audio gift that I began conceiving in September, and brought it to fruition, with several poems from a poetry book that came out of 2018 called “This Splendid Place.” You can find it online at

Behind the scenes what I enjoy most about reflection is meeting the sunrise and marinating in the quiet time to take it all in. With an attitude of gratitude, hope for what is to come, drawing forth a courageous tender-hearted bravery, always integrating experiences, and seeing the path coming forth by walking.

We each have intentions for something we love and bringing into creation, while life is a wild card, fully of mystery, teaching us that hope is a state of mind to work toward a worthy cause, and make the process just as rewarding as reaching the outcomes.

In putting it all together, I’ve designed a process over the years called “The Annual Crossover.” In fact, it is what I always do just before the new year to recalibrate my direction, align my actions with my intentions, set boundaries, and find tune my focus. Here’s the PDF, and also the audio so you can CREATE THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE!

the annual crossover

Be a great soul

Live your best life
Make a big impact
Learn to Receive

Write these down, put them in your hip pocket, make these your governing system of yourself every moment. Your spirit is always highest, and you shine when you organize your actions and decisions by what makes a difference, and matters most to you. With a lab mentality, I gave myself this challenge for three years, from 2015-2018, and then took each reflection into writing a book, “Stay Longer Listen Deeper”, you can find it at now, please excuse the 500 page length, but it’s worth every sentence:

I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to access the most gratefulness you’ve ever felt. On Christmas day, make one to remember, as a tribute to intending to enter each day with this thought:

This day is the one day that is given to you as a gift. And it’s the only gift that you have right now, which suggests the only appropriate response is gratefulness. If you do nothing else but to cultivate that response to the great gift on this unique day, it is to learn to respond as if it’s the first day in your life and the very last day.

This way you will have spent this day very well by opening your eyes and being surprised that you have eyes through which you notice incredible arrays of colors that are constantly offered to you. Your enjoyment of the sky and the weather, just think of all the many nuances of good weather and bad weather right now, notice the location of clouds in the sky as they will never be the same.

Open your eyes right now and look at the faces of people you meet, as each one has an incredible story behind their face that you could never fully fathom. Not only their story, but the story of the ancestors going back so far, and this present moment on this day people you meet from generations and from so many places all over the world. It’s like life-giving water if you only open your heart to the gift of Civilization that is given to us like an electric light you turn the faucet and that’s warm water and cold water that many millions and millions in the world will never experience.

These are just a few of an enormous number of gifts to realize. I’m wishing that you would open your heart and let these blessings flow through you, that everyone who you will meet on this day will be blessed by you just by your smile, just by your presence! Let the gratefulness overflow into blessings all around you, it will clearly become the best day of your life.


Coach JD