I’m happy to present this Client Spotlight with Nic Morales today, not only because he’s an accomplished business owner we can all learn from, but also because he’s willing to be candid about what it really takes to strike out on your own and truly live the lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

Listen to the full interview below:

Client Spotlight – Nic Morales.mp3

Over the course of this chat, we touch on some of the most important aspects of High Level Performance, from leading an organization to understanding that you’re not going to be the best at every aspect of it, from embracing uncertainty to the importance of taking risks and overcoming fear.

Nic is a shining example of staying in the domain of self efficacy. He understands delegating everything but the significant things he does best, and assembling a team of empowered partners that do the things he’s not suited for. He talks about getting comfortable with not knowing everything, and once you accept that you’re always going to be (or feel) a bit inferior, you can open up and truly ask for help. With this mindset, Nic has been able to focus on the principle of “it’s not HOW to do something, it’s WHO,” assembling a team he can trust to take care of numerous daily operations while he focuses his energy on creating, working ON his business, not IN it.

This approach to leadership (rooted in trust and allowing people to do what they do best) has transformed the way Nic does business. He sees each member of his team as a partner, and invites them to become the best version of themselves by leveraging their own unique strengths. Instead of dictating from a position of power, this type of leader embraces what others bring to the table and lets each individual strength elevate the whole.

This description just scratches the surface of what we discuss in this Client Spotlight, and as you listen to the audio recording, you’ll see how Nic exemplifies the coaching pillars we focus on. At a young age, he’s well on his way to High Level Performance, and with a commitment to growth and honesty, the sky’s the limit!


Nic is a graduate of Arizona State University, finishing in three and a half years to save on tuition. Out of college he quickly found his love of sales working in the NFL as a “ticket slinger”. Working with 3 different franchises and selling almost $40,000,000 in three years he knew the corporate life was not consistent with his DNA and he looked for a new challenge.

Without any background in Real Estate, Nic started his own Real Estate Investment company. Quickly finding he loved the life of an entrepreneur Nic created a team and generated over $1,000,000 in revenue and over 40 transactions in the first 18 months of operations.

Nic, his team and his partners have begun to build their real estate portfolio and will eclipse the 100 door mark in 2021. =