• Myth: You need to live on a budget.Many try to follow a budget. They may have created a budget and tried to follow it, and it didn’t work. The solution is not in your budget but in your values. What is more important to you? Is it an impressive lifestyle or a fulfilling life? Do you drive around your net worth? Are the frills in your life what’s important to you?
  • Many pay good money to look good. They spend more time and effort than some to look good, but still feel empty. Imagine you make half of what you do today. What is vital to your happiness? What can you live without? Name five things you cannot live without. Is it your children, your love for your spouse, sunsets, or beautiful music? What do these things cost you? Now you can see what is necessary and what is wasteful in your life.
  • Build on your essentials. Remember that it’s not about money or possessions or unnecessary things in your life. It’s about what matters. It’s about quality. This is not about time management or money. It costs nothing, but it’s about what’s near and dear to you. This week focus on what really matters.