• How many active referrals are you getting? In the last year or in the last month, how many referrals are you getting? Virtually everyone has reactive referral systems in place. They have no active offense strategy for obtaining referrals from happy clients. You need to switch from the reactive to the proactive.
  • Orient your new clients for referrals? Ask your clients to discuss the way you typically work with clients, and let them know it will only take two or three minutes. Tell them that when your clients are happy with you, you normally ask for two referrals. However, only when they are very, very happy with your services. You’re telling them that by referring you, they are telling you that you have done good work.
  • You can take it to the next level. Use favorable introductions in place of the word referral. Let them know that you would like to discuss how you get favorable introductions for your business. Inform them that the reasons they will be giving you these favorable introductions, on an ongoing basis, is because of your dedication to them and their account. Orient your clients for referrals.