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Helping professionals leading service organizations position themselves and their organizations toward unending freedom and lifestyle, business growth, and future confidence. We turn sales leaders into gifted bosses, small business owners into industry transformers, and decision-making executives into master CEO’s. With our coaching, systems and support, our clients take the complexity out of building companies that last, dominate, and contribute more, on-purpose. The world today stands in need of leaders like this, who bring their wholeness into their best work, maximize their creative freedom to innovate at the highest level, and bring something enormously valuable to the world that no one else can. Our clients know deep down what they’re meant to do, and who they’re meant to serve. To them, business is about transformative conversations, and getting closest to their market, being more of themselves to eliminate the competition.

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John Davidson
John DavidsonFounder, Head Coach
Since January 1998, JD has designed and developed the VIP Coach, a program for high functioning professionals seeking more creative freedom, value, and purpose. After 12,000 hours and 362 coaching clients, JD has proven he can monetize your passion. He’s written three books to liberate the crazy-busy, overworked entrepreneur to rediscover his bearings in life, build his business on autopilot, and nip the innovation killing time traps that lead to failure. JD has a graduate level education from California Lutheran University in Management and Organizational Development, and a degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy from HMI. JD is certified by ASI and EPS to provide assessment feedback with 6 inventories.
Richard Mc Connell
Richard Mc ConnellVIP Coach
For over 25 years, Richard has been involved in personal development and entrepreneurship. Richard worked Pacific Stock Exchange (the West Coast version of Wall Street), trading Fortune 500 companies. As a sales manager, regional sales manager and Operations Manager of the Spectrum Club in California he built one of the largest sports clubs at that time with over 12,000 members. Richard also grew an alternative health publishing and marketing company from start-up to multi-million dollars in less than 4 years, from zero to over 80,000 clients during this time. He brings 20 years of involvement with an international educational company with the focus on self-development, human performance, personal achievement, and success. Rick currently coaches Doctors and independent authors and professionals one on one, who have alternative cancer and holistic health books, ebooks, and products and helps them market their materials on the Internet and through direct mail.
Jon Forrest
Jon ForrestVIP Coach, Author
Jon graduated from Trinity University and College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management. Since 1998 Jon has provided his services as a coach, consultant, and trainer to international organizations such as Cisco Linksys, Neutrogena, and WATG; privately held companies in the US and Canada; non-profit organizations such as SEMA and individuals from every walk of life. His engagements efficiently and permanently produce the same result every time: Better strategic leadership and improved communication leading to higher levels of personal fulfillment for business leaders, and increased customer and employee satisfaction. His book, Stay CALM with forward by Dr. Joe Vitale, is a uniquely profound and immensely accessible book that delivers Jon’s unique method of using “Verbal Aikido” when conversations turn to confrontation.
Curtiss S. Peck
Curtiss S. PeckTop Workgroup Coach
Curtiss is a registered organization development professional with over 30 years of experience as a leader, manager, internal and external consultant, and project manager. His body of technique is our Top Workgroup Series for Corporate Coaching Clients. Curtiss believes that the best defense is a strong offense. He approaches opportunities and problems directly, soliciting the involvement and cooperation of stakeholders to achieve sound business solutions. He often lectures at the University of Wisconsin Management Institute in Madison, Wisconsin and formerly an Assistant Professor at the MSOE graduate school of business. Curtiss has worked NGO’s, including 3M, Amoco (now BP Oil), Emerson Electric divisions, Lockheed Martin, Northrop, Danaher Corp, Citibank, and Harley-Davidson. Curtiss has authored several published articles and book chapters on building high-performance organizations and managing assessment and development initiatives. His work has been published by the ICFAI University Press, American Society for Training & Development, the International Journal of Effective Organizations, among others. Curtiss is the author of several standard multi-rater 360o feedback assessment instruments. They include the Management & Leadership Profile, Team Effectiveness Profile, Selling with Integrity Profile, and Management Candidate Profile.